Wednesday, September 26, 2018

New York, New York!

I was born in NYC many, many years ago.  My parents both worked so for five years I lived with my Nana Julie at Two East 75th Street right off Fifth Avenue.  Oh, the parades we saw!  Nana was an Irish immigrant who worked hard all her life.  She was the Super at #2 who shoveled snow and loaded coal into the furnace.

I had feared that when I returned 70 years later my first home would be demolished or changed beyond recognition.  But it was the same!  I could not believe it. I pointed out the windows of our apartment.  I told my daughters about the beautiful roof garden on the fifth floor.

Mr. and Mrs. Costain lived in the penthouse and created the lush garden just outside their door. I was often invited for tea and cookies in their gorgeous apartment, always followed by a walk around the garden. Mrs. Costain was blonde and beautiful; she exuded class. I loved her; I wanted to BE her.

Mrs. Morse lived on the second floor with her French poodle Coco. She took Coco for many walks and fed the pigeons, always wearing black high heels and a tall black hat with feathers and a veil.  Her front door was always open and if one passed by Mrs. Morse could be seen in her hat and heels...and sadly
nothing else.

I was quite precocious and began to cross Fifth Avenue (by myself) and walk to the little playground in Central Park which was always filled with many children and their uniformed nannies. Occasionally, I was asked where MY nanny was and I would always say, "My nanny is working."  This remark caused some confusion.

I had a little boat and sometimes I would walk the short distance to the pond where I would tie a long string to the boat, set it in the water where it would sail happily in circles until I pulled it back to shore.  Then we set off for home, lunch and a nap.
I was five and fearless.

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