Friday, August 17, 2018


I'm standing in  my bedroom and something is bothering me.  What is it?  Forget the unmade bed and the knocked over plants from the recent cat fight.  Ignore the clothes that need to be ironed currently draped over a chair.  Then it comes to me--the lampshades are dingy and mottled--not a good look.  I do not wish to spend money on new lamps or shades.  I don't even want to buy materials to cover the shabby (not in a good way) shades.  So I go to my craft room and look through my enormous paper stash.  Sure enough, I come up with some charming possibilities.  I was so excited that I forgot to take Before pictures.
The first lampshade was a dirty cream with yellowed palm fronds on each of the four sides.  The palm fronds had been a lovely pale shade of green, but now looked severely jaundiced.  A short time later--

I painted the shade white and covered it with beautiful handmade paper infused with leaves in green and gold.  The papers were simply glued at the top, bottom and both sides--not the whole paper.  They were not long enough to cover the entire shade, so I glued strips of green handmade paper on the top and bottom.  I was thrilled by the results!  And the lamp looks lovely in the evening when lit.

On to the other lampshade which was dingy and dented and very very old.

The paper for this shade was standard letter size paper which could be folded twice and used for lovely brochures.  My daughter Sharon gave me a huge pile of this delicately shaded paper years ago when she decided she was already too busy to create a catering business even though she is a fantastic cook.  Even as a child Sharon could get a few things out of the cupboard and the fridge and create a marvelous meal while I stood there dumbly staring into into the refrigerator and wasting electricity.  Anyway, I have used this beautiful and subtle paper scores of times over the years.  Thank you,

    This shade was trickier to work with   
because of it conical shape.  I held each sheet up to the shade and marked where it would have to be cut to fit.  I then used a ruler to draw a line from the mark on the top of the paper to the corner on the bottom on each side.  Since I cannot cut a straight line, I always use the handy paper cutter my other daughter, Jeanne, gave me the Christmas before last.  I use the cutter almost daily and am very grateful.  Each cut paper was then glued to the shade on the top, bottom and sides.  Tiny slits were cut into the top and bottom of each sheet so it  could be folded under and glued without       tearing the delicate paper.                 

And last but not least is my painting and decorating of my ancient night table which I have had for decades and was much the worse for wear.  So I painted it with the leftover paint from my recent repainting of the kitchen cabinets and glued on brightly colored leaves cut from a wonderful British magazine called The Calm Project.

Now I think I'll lie down!

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