Friday, May 11, 2018


I love my home and since I live alone (the cats are not interested in decorating) I can do whatever I want!  I wanted to do something wild in my bathroom with color.  

I have lots of ideas, but very little money.  I could not redo my bath unless I spent almost nothing.  I bought the towels and bath rugs on sale--a big sale.  I waited until the peach paint I wanted was also on sale.
Those were the only items I paid for!

Let's see how I did it.  Now, remember, everything had to be shades of raspberry, pale pink and peach.  The glorious florals at right were calendar pages.  I found an old frame, cleaned it and placed a picture I found in one of the Stampington magazines' Artist's Pages.  I cut out the best parts and taped them to the mat.  Just the right shades of raspberry.  The pink painting was created by a dear friend; the glass soap dish was a gift from another old friend.  I already had the towel hook, but I painted it peach.

The beautiful fruit tiles at left were bought years ago at a Southwestern market for $1 apiece.   I covered the cabinet doors with scrapbook paper and then applied Liquitex Matte Medium to protect them.  The candles are both gifts.

Speaking of scrapbook paper, the gorgeous picture of red hearts in the very top photo is just that--a sheet of scrapbook paper.  (I have hoarded these papers for years.)  The vignette of the garden room in the old wooden box was created with supplies I had in my craft room which were all bought over the years with coupons from Michael's and JoAnn's.

The two fairy pictures by Cecily Mary Barker are not even prints--they are pages from a magazine!   I rescued some old frames that didn't match and cleaned them.  What would I do without

Now, not everyone wants old calendar and magazine pages in their baths or any other room for that matter.  Those people will have stopped reading this blog post long ago and are probably shaking their heads in mild disgust as they gaze at their beautiful custom framed paintings.  But I like making do and repurposing and taking old stuff from my craft room and creating something new and original.

All the collages in my bath are mine and chosen for their color schemes.  The bottom of a wooden box was painted and decorated with flowers I cut out of ARBUS
Magazine.  I got the idea for using boxes for storage from IKEA.  Theirs costs $25, but mine cost zero.  The top of the box was also painted and one of those wonderful Artist's Pages from Stampington was simply glued in and a hanger attached.

My whole house is like this--handmade, repurposed and scratched by three black cats.  The sofa is losing its stuffing, so I covered it with white quilts.  Some folks love it; some folks are politely aghast at my style.

"Well, it's very . . . homey.  Isn't it?"

Yes, it is.

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