Saturday, April 21, 2018


Today was cold and rainy all day.  But it's Spring!  Mother Nature is obviously confused.  One day it will be warm, sunny and delightful and the next day I'm closing the windows and looking for a sweater.  I know it's cold when all three black cats are cuddled up to Mommy in the dark cold of night.

Thankfully, we have had springlike days during which I race outside with my spade, trowel and clippers.  Last year's flowers have returned in all their glory after looking black and dead and scaring me to death.  The blue flowers I planted in small pots inside a few weeks ago have blossomed forth outside and are threatening to take over.  What was withered and brown only a short time ago (like the English ivy) has recovered and shiny green leaves are once again covering the ground.

 I am prancing about my tiny garden watching all the new life popping out of the ground and taking full credit for this recurring miracle and feeling proud of myself.  The three cats are lined up inside on the windowsill and staring at me with great intensity.

 It is possible they do not believe I am Mother Nature in all her glory, but instead feel that I am an ancient nut case defacing their territory when I should be inside preparing still another meal for them. 

I ignore the felines and decide to gather a huge bouquet of  spring flowers from my very own garden.  I clip many, many blossoms and dance through the ivy when I suddenly notice my pea plants may be producing peas!  This is exciting news indeed and I dash to the wall of green and harvest three peas which I immediately eat.  That night I dream of bowls overflowing with huge, fat, bright green peas.  The cats dream of bowls filled with Fancy Feast Grilled Salmon.  All is well.


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