Tuesday, December 26, 2017


Christmas was coming, but I was slow to get ready.  I loved decorating my little trees; I loved wrapping presents and I loved sending cards to all my friends--both e-cards and the old fashioned paper kind. And yet...

November came and went and I did nothing to prepare for my favorite time of the year.  Molly didn't feel well.  She was scratching and biting herself until she bled.  The poor cat looked forlorn.  

And I didn't feel so well myself.  My joints ached and I had no energy.  And my skin was even more broken out than usual.  Murphy was hiding so well that I could not find him; he seemed withdrawn.  Only Maks was his usual lively self.

Finally I realized that Murphy, Molly and I were missing Monty.  Maks had only known him for a brief time, but I had loved him for seventeen years.  The vet could find no physical reason for Molly to be hurting herself, but I think I understand.

Molly is better now and Murphy is not hiding as much.  And I finally decorated my cottage, wrapped the gifts and sent out my cards.  I had a beautiful Christmas with both my daughters, their families and their dogs and cats.  I went to Christmas Eve services at Christ Church and its sister, the Center for Spirituality at San Pablo.  I was surrounded by love and felt at peace.  But I think of Monty often and hope he is waiting for the time we can be together                           again.

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  1. This was such a touching post.
    Those of us who've loved and lost our kitty pals know the feeling.