Saturday, April 29, 2017


Maks wonders if he can get away with finishing the other cats' food

Apparently, Maks is very grateful that I rescued him because he tries to "help" me on a daily basis.  If I am mopping, Maks stares intently at the mop and then taps it with his paw.  Then he looks up at me and hopes for a compliment on his hard work.

Maks show off his now furry nub.

If I am changing the bed linens, Maks contributes by leaping into the air many times and then rolling around in the very sheets I am trying to remove.  So I remove Maks from the bed, but he leaps onto the bed yet again, rolls over on his back and waves all four legs in the air.  He is sooooo happy!  AND he's helping Mommy!

Maks wonders if he can steal Molly's food.
Molly stares at Maks, then enumerates all the dreadful things she will do to him,
if he so much as touches the remains of her food.
Maks slinks away.

But Maks' very favorite way to help Mommy is to watch the toilet flush!  He stands on the toilet seat with his head in the bowl and closely watches the blue cleaner swirling down to the dark nether regions.  What a wonderful time Maks is having!

However, Mommy is exhausted and retires to her big, comfy chair with her iced tea and the paper.  Oh, good, now Maks can shred the newspaper while Mommy is reading it!

But old, wise Monty passes by  and says, "Kid, don't even think about it."  Maks recognizes the wisdom of this and decides to take a nap.  Right next to Monty.


  1. Lol, I don't like cats maybe because I am kinda afraid of them. And sometimes they are violent too. Hope your one is not same as the other ones.

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