Sunday, April 2, 2017



My sweet little Maks has completely recovered.  He eats like a large horse and has filled out nicely.  Maks has also gained confidence now that he feels secure in his new home.  Molly (another feral cat I adopted), is STILL mean to him because she is jealous.  She hisses and baps him with her paw, but he is still hoping she will come around and love him as their Mommy Linda does.
The only thing Maks is not good at is being a cat model as these pictures will show.  By the time the flash goes off, he has moved.

The other day Maks was having a serious conversation with Monty who is 16 and wise in the ways of the world.  He mentioned that he would like to get married and father kittens.  Maks and his wife and children would all live with their Mommy Linda!
But Monty said, "You will never father kittens, dopey Maks.  Someone took your manhood!"
Maks was astounded.  What was his manhood?  Why would someone take it?
"Probably some TNR program," Monty said and promptly fell asleep.
What in the world was TNR? Maks would have kittens; he WOULD!  But first he needed a wife and where would he find one since he wasn't allowed outside?

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  1. Maks is one beautiful cat! I love cats but life is so unfair that all of my family members are allergic to them so i cant keep one! I only have a small turtle and a canary as my pets!