Thursday, February 23, 2017



I was walking by the azalea hedge when I heard a very faint meow.  I looked down into the bush and there sat a black kitten and he didn't look well.  I bent down and called to him in a low voice and he came right out.  I petted him and talked softly to him as I was assessing his injuries.  His tail was limp and broken and he had several injuries on his body.  And the poor little kitten was extremely skinny.  I could tell his tail was infected and I was pretty sure that without treatment he would die.  I took him inside and fed him some soft food and gave him a bowl of water while I called the vet.  The poor little guy was not thrilled when I placed him in a carrier and put him in the car.  There was no yowling, just soft tiny sounds that continued until we arrived at the vet's.

His tail had to be amputated immediately before the infection spread throughout his painfully thin body.  I hated to leave him but I knew the surgery had to be done.  When I picked him up the next morning, he was so glad to see me that I almost cried.  I was given pain medication, instructions and a plastic cone to prevent him from pulling out the stitches.  As we placed him in the carrier, the vet tech asked if I was keeping him.

"Of course, I'm keeping him.  We've bonded.
His name is Maks."

And Maks was quiet all the way home.