Friday, December 9, 2016


 I added ivory and blush pink ornaments to my Christmas creation and then wrapped the whole tree in blush pink tulle.  I wrapped my gifts in soft colors and painted and glittered two papier mache houses (more to follow next Christmas.) There are many, many angels on my small tree and I love them all.

Since my new faux tree was pre-lit, I was free to use all my lights elsewhere.  My whole living room sparkles now.  And look--another angel.

Down below is a closeup
of my painted houses with Santa in the doorway and happy children in the windows.

Below is my children's tree complete with Santas, bears, mice, a nutcracker, two puppies and three jolly Christmas mugs. Did you notice--almost everything is red!

My last tree is below--flocked, decorated with tiny ornaments in gold, bronze and copper, curled gold ribbon and enveloped in blush tulle. 


This week I'm linking up with Rooted In Thyme and Shabby Art Boutique.  Their direct links are at right.  Go and see the gorgeous creations.  

Saturday, December 3, 2016


I finally got some of my many small Christmas trees decorated.  I made or painted most of the ornaments, but some may look familiar.  The little angels with cascading ribbons came from our shabbilicious creator, Kerryanne, who graciously provided a free printable of the angels as well as instructions.  I think they turned out beautifully and I plan to use them every year.

I painted the large papier mache ornaments in pastel colors and then glazed them with light streaks of a pearled white paint by Martha Stewart which catches the light.  On this tree I only used white, pastel or clear ornaments.  While I did not crochet the snowflakes, I did make the tiny white mittens and winged boots.

I saw the mittens and boots on a lovely tree in a decorating book years ago and they had been handmade by the authors in white felt and decorated with gold thread and tiny bells.  The boots were a bit more difficult as they needed black soles and golden wings. The tiny elves who would wear the boots must have very long narrow feet.

I am not quite finished as I am painting small houses to rest in the "snow" under the tree and I need to refurbish poor Santa's robe above as I have had him for many years and his lovely hooded robe appears to be disintegrating.  Never fear, by next week old Saint Nick will be beautiful again.  He has a long night ahead of him on Christmas Eve and the very least I can do is make him warm!