Sunday, July 3, 2016


As you all know, I have three black cats with personality plus.  But I also cherish two outside cats--a blue-eyed white and gray beauty who is very shy and a darling calico who is always hungry.  She comes bounding up to my front door every morning when I come out to pick up my paper, looking very hopeful and making excited little cries.  When I bring out the bowl of food, her joy knows no bounds and, immediately, her little head is down in the bowl.  This happy scene is repeated at dinnertime when she greets her food as though she has never eaten before.
                        Calico was right in    the middle of the scene at left until she saw my camera.  She disappeared instantly and returned to finish dinner only when I was safely inside.
Last week there was a day when Calico never appeared to claim her dinner.  Had she gone to the movies to escape the heat?  Was she in the library reading cat books?

The next day when I looked out my bedroom window there was Calico violently throwing up.  I began to worry that she had eaten something toxic.  Or was it the heat index of 105?

The next day Calico never appeared and I looked everywhere for her.  But the following day she quietly came up to me when I was getting the newspaper.  I went inside and fixed a small bowl of food and a big bowl of water and set them down before her.  She looked at the food but didn't touch it.

I tried to pick her up which she had never let me do, but she backed away and then disappeared into the woods.  I was frantic.  What if Calico was very sick and I couldn't catch her to take her to my vet?
So I prayed.  
I prayed that God would make her well.
I prayed because I realized that I loved her.

The next morning when I opened the door Calico came flying up to me, chirping happily.  I fixed her some breakfast which she greeted with her former cries of joy.  She appeared twice more that day and ate each time.  Now I know that cats can get sick very easily.  And just as easily they recover.
And yet...