Wednesday, March 23, 2016



Spring in Florida is beautiful--cool evenings, warm golden days and new leaves sprouting on the bare trees.  We value our Florida Spring all the more because it is ephemeral.  Spring bursts forth in all its brief, heartbreaking glory.  And then it is gone.

Winter in Florida seems dull and brown to me.  I can still recall the snow covered field next door when I was a small child in New York (hundreds of years ago) and my dad pulling me through the gleaming snow on my little red sled. But that summer we moved to Florida and I never saw my sled again.

So I endure the dead grass of Winter because I know that Spring is about to leap from the ground in wild bursts of color.  Tiny leaves and velvet buds about to open suddenly dot the landscape that I know were not there yesterday.  I strongly suspect faerie folk worked their magic by starlight while I lay dreaming of

What if I were to go beyond this gate into the forest tonight; what might I find?  Perhaps winged creatures creating more Spring beauty for the coming day.  Dawn approaches.....