Thursday, February 11, 2016


I should never have bought all that white chalk paint because it turned me into a maniac and I ran madly from room to room, painting everything I saw--tabletops, chests, bookcases and my ancient chandelier, which as you can see in the small photo was painted in dark reds and greens.  The tabletop in the small picture was dark, damaged and depressing.  Both have now been painted matte white (many, many coats of chalk paint) and waxed.  If the floating butterfly looks familiar it's because the original was created by   Kerryanne at Shabby Art Boutique  I made two copies of it and glued them together.  I also printed the butterfly on fabric and put it on a pillow.  The other pillows have fabric versions of two of my collages.
                                                                                                           When I forced myself to
 put down my paintbrush (after painting many other things, but I shall spare you)I decided to recover the pillows on the sofa.  I found some lovely cotton dishtowels at Home Goods and decided to  make a ruffled pillow cover. I  cut the stitches on the old cover made from Pottery Barn napkins and made something new.

                          I wanted a different look so I made the ruffles very long and only slightly gathered.  This pillow used two of the dishtowels, but there's one left--just enough to cover a smaller pillow.  I have other ideas, but.....
you will have to wait until next week.  Besides, my hand hurts from all that painting.      

This week I'm linking with Rooted in Thyme and Shabby Art Boutique.  Their links are on the right.


  1. My goodness, you have been busy with some very pretty things! I love white paint too! So nice that you paid a visit to me. You may well know how much I love white. Happy Weekend!

  2. Hi again Linda! I do not want to presume, but I did not see your blog link on the Shabby Art Boutique party and wondered if you could use help linking up. There is a great article about the process at this web address: I want folks to start visiting you!

  3. Slowly, things are being painted white or gray in our cottage. :)

    Love everything you shared, Linda!

  4. this is such a fairy tale- like garden. i can not stop swooning over it. and that gate is a proper invitation for you to embark on the adventure. keep us posted with more from you