Monday, November 30, 2015


Another shadowbox for other friends.  This one reflects my own experience hundreds of years ago when I was only five and cruel friends gleefully told me there was NO Santa.  I ran all the way home to ask my mother if this could possibly be true.  Did Santa Claus exist?  One look at her face told me the truth and I burst into tears.  I was heartbroken.
The magic of Christmas had disappeared.

Later I decided that of course Santa lived and brought our gifts on Christmas Eve.  Of course he did!
And that is why he appears in the huge window in all his rosy-cheeked glory.

But will the little girl turn around and see the eternal Santa Claus who will restore enchantment to Christmas?

Or will she turn her back on him forever?
You must decide for yourself.
We all must.

This week I'll be linking to Simply Shabbilicious Fridays at the
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  1. It's a heart breaker when we first find out, but then we go on believing anyway, cause that's so much more fun. :)
    Merry Christmas, Linda!
    ~ Lin

    1. I hope you had an enchanting and very healthy Christmas. And, yes, believing IS more fun!

      Love, Other Lin

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