Friday, October 16, 2015


My beautiful backyard

I picked up a prescription at Publix for my tummy which felt like giant hands were squeezing and pummeling it into submission.  Then like a good girl, I had my flu shot.  After buying every bland food the store had I trudged outside with a very cheerful bag boy pushing my cart.  Only I couldn't find my ancient banged up car anywhere.  I grew more and more desperate as we went up and down the parking lot.  I tried to breathe deeply and visualized my tiny, peaceful porch at home where I would soon be drinking iced tea.

    Finally, I told him to go back inside where I knew he was needed. He gave me a sweet, pitying look and ran back into the cool aisles of Publix.

I really,
 really wanted that iced tea!  I would sit on my pretty porch and read my Anne Tyler book and drink copious amounts of cold lemony tea as my three black cats happily slept.

Oh, dear God, there was my car!  Right where I had thought it would be--how could I 
have missed it? 

 You're old and forgetful. 

 I started loading my bags into the car.  They had apparently mated and had children in the time it took to find the oldest Toyota in the world.  Fretfully, I pulled a warm bottle of water out of its plastic halter (which would live forever) and drank half of it in one long gulp.  At last I could drive home and enjoy my own small piece of paradise.

I smiled to myself and started the car.  Only a lady had stopped her car directly behind mine and I couldn't get out.  I motioned to her to back up, but she couldn't as another car was only inches away from hers. They both wanted my space and neither was prepared to move.  I motioned to her to move on, but she ignored me.  "Drive on! I can't get out!"  She looked the other way.  I got out of the car and shouted, "You have to move; you're blocking me!"  She stared straight ahead.
Too bad you don't have a gun.

I moved closer to her car and hissed, "Drive on.  Now!"  Then I got back in my car and began to back up.  Finally, Crazy Woman got the message and drove away.  Then I screamed
"Back up!" to the man in the next car, but he wouldn't budge.  Carefully, very carefully, I maneuvered my car out of the space, missing him by inches.  Faster than a speeding bullet, he shot into my space.

I drove home in a daze, through the never-ending construction, over the freshly painted lanes which would be changed tomorrow.  I thought only of Crystal Light Lemon Iced Decaf Tea.

At last I was home in my sanctuary, settling gratefully into my chippy wicker chair, holding Anne Tyler in one hand and a frosty glass of tea in the other.  The cats slept on.
The world is too much with us....


  1. :) that was the funniest post, but I hear you on needing to go back home to your santuary. I feel the same way when I am out. Glad you are happy now with your kitties and your tea
    have a great weekend

    1. Thanks, Deezie. It is always good to hear from you! You have a good weekend too!

  2. People are crazy. Glad you finally made it to the porch with the ghost cats.

    1. We are NOT ghost cats; we are just shy. Mommy had a very bad day but we didn't know it because we were sleeping. We like to sleep.
      Love, Monty, Murphy and Molly