Thursday, September 3, 2015


Yesterday it was 100 degrees here in Florida and of course it rained again as it seems to have done every day since Time began.  When will we enjoy the cool breeze of Fall?  (Don't tell me that Florida has two more months of humid heat before it feels like Autumn. I DON'T WANT TO HEAR IT!)

So I decided to call this post The LAST Display of Summer in defiance of reality. Next week I will create my first Fall table display in rich tones of gold and burnt orange.  Scarlet and brown.  I may have to buy fake Fall leaves at Michael's but I'll do it as Fall is my favorite time of year.

But let's not forget all the ripe beauty of Summer--plump, juicy fruit at the Farmer's Market, the exploding pinks, purples, reds and yellows of summer blooms, their sweet fragrance scenting the
garden.I'll miss them.

Fiery sunsets on the beach as the air cools around us.  The swelling red tomatoes climbing up their wire supports making our mouths water as we picture juicy slices in our sandwiches. And frosted glasses of iced tea with the tang of lemon and fresh summer salads on the table.

 And the desserts of summer--to die for! Fresh strawberries from the garden baked in a flaky pie. Homemade ice cream! Ice pops made with fresh fruit juice.

             And let's not forget the most joyous summer pleasure of all: stepping out of the scorching summer heat into a frosty air conditioned room.  Ahh
           and pray for Fall.

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