Monday, August 24, 2015


I have been sitting in my cottage/condo a great deal lately while  groaning loudly from pain.  My doctor said the pain was the result of soft tissue damage and referred me to physical therapy.

Well, PT is wonderful and I started feeling somewhat better right away, but I still wished to do nothing but sit in a chair and watch the cats do cute things like sitting in a shoebox.

Unfortunately, real life will interfere with one's leisurely recovery.  No rain had fallen for days and my plants were visibly wilting and crying out for water in their leafy voices.  However, at my condo THERE ARE NO OUTDOOR FAUCETS so large, heavy containers of water must be carried out over uneven terrain.  Naturally, I almost fell carrying the water and righted myself at the last second. I found out the next day at PT that almost falling is as bad as actually falling and I had sprained my inner thigh and it really hurt.
"Linda," said my kind, smiling physical therapist, "you must never again carry out big jugs of water for your plants."  But..... "No, you must get a long stretchy hose you can screw into your bathroom sink."

I dared not refuse because Liz might not put the big, padded warm thing on my leg and I was addicted to its healing warmth.  I wondered where I would even get such a thing and how would I hook it up? But I couldn't let my plants wilt and die a slow painful death.

Enter Elvis, my magic son-in-law who could do anything.  He had a Plan which he outlined with enthusiasm and then he was off to Home Depot for supplies.  My daughter, Jeanne, and I just sat on the sofa, stunned and impressed as we had never been handy.  Elvis was back in a flash and in an incredibly short time, the Plan was put into action.  The second hose would live outside, but part of it would go through the screen and into the porch where it hooked into the first hose which would be uncoiled and stretched into the bathroom and attached to the faucet.

You can see the hose snaking out through the screen above.  I was dying to see how the whole thing worked so I snaked the first hose through the living room and into the bathroom, then twisted it into the faucet and turned the water on.  We all went outside for the great Reveal.  I pressed the sprayer and water sprayed everywhere.  If I listened carefully, I could hear the small leafy voices crying,

We were all overjoyed!  Well, perhaps not all.
Molly bounded out to the porch this morning to look for stray cats in the vicinity and saw what she took to be a very long green snake coiled under the chair.  She literally leapt into the air in shock and beat a hasty retreat to safety.