Friday, August 28, 2015

COTTAGE HEAVEN --Where Cottages Are Born

I love cottages!
I have always loved them and never have I lived in one.  Hence, the name of this blog--My Imaginary Cottage.  But how I would adore a real one!  I have tried to make every house, apartment and condo look like a cottage and I've succeeded fairly well with the inside.

But the outside is another story.  So today I began thinking of a delightful fantasy.   What if there were a place where quaint cottages were waiting to be born and given to just the right person?  Someone like me and all you cottage loving bloggers out there. 
  That would indeed be Cottage Heaven.  

Colorful, unique cottages would be dreaming inside eggs until someone wished for a tiny cottage.  Just the right one would awaken, burst through its egg and float through the air until it landed ever so gently in the midst of a small forest bending its leafy arms around the tiny house.  The sweet fragrance of many flowers would drift through the quiet rooms.

I think I'll dream of my perfect cottage tonight.  Who knows, my dream home may float down in the cool night air and softly land in a green and leafy spot scented with wild roses.  And I will search forever until I find it.

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  1. Hi there
    Well that was alot of fun to read. Those sweet cottages you showed were just dreamy. Cottage Heaven sounds so fabulous. I enjoyed it
    have a great weekend

    1. Hi, Deezie:

      Whenever I see a picture of a cottage I love, I put it on my Pinterest account. Some of them I photograph myself. So I have a vast supply of cottage pictures and then I suddenly got the idea for Cottage Heaven! I am so glad you responded the way you did! It made my day.