Wednesday, July 1, 2015


I couldn't stop.  The fairy who lives here must have a tiny garden as well as her tiny shabby cottage.  So out came the sheets of moss to create a lovely lawn and moss covered foam balls became beautifully clipped shrubs.  Still another topiary was created in a rusty watering can I had saved for many years.

Our imaginary fairy, who in my fertile little mind looks like a flower fairy painted by Cecily Mary Barker, would need a place to sit outside and watch the sun set and listen to the birds.  A small patio was painted blue and a huge bowl of berries and apples was set there in case our fairy should get hungry.  She would sit in the wrought iron chair at twilight.  A hook for a hanging plant was set up but unfortunately I'm still figuring out how to make one.  I do have lots of jewelry wire.... 

Glittering square tiles form a path to a lacy white wicker confection which holds flower pots, a green hose (twine) and a lovely pair of clippers from an embellishment sale last year at Hobby Lobby.  A tiny pond sits next to a gazing ball made of one drawer pull screwed into another.

A lovely china bowl makes a beautiful sink for washing clothes, dishes, fruit and vegetables or our fairy's tiny hands.  And what is that gracing the wrought iron arch leading into the garden?  Wisteria in full bloom of course!

Our fairy wishes she had a larger house and garden as there are so many other things she would like although she does spy a cherry tart on her dinner table.  Tomorrow is another day.

This week I'll be visiting link parties at Simple and Sweet Fridays at Rooted in Thyme and Shabbilicious Friday at Shabby Art Boutique.  Direct links to these sites are on my blog roll.

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  1. you have such vivid imaginations which is so refreshing to read about at the end of the day. i really love coming here and read your posts after a long day. thank you for posting