Friday, July 31, 2015


In the past few weeks I've done lots of small things to the house including a makeover of this old cabinet.  Aqua drawer pulls were added and the inner panels of the doors were covered with beautiful aqua and cream scrapbook paper.  I played around with the finish, adding a bit of aqua paint here and there and sanding the 

edges a bit to give a more vintage look.  I searched the house for more white and aqua pretties I could display.  The white picture frame that looks like a church shows your blogger at five and my beautiful mother. I think this refurbished cabinet will feature an ever-changing display.

I found this little beauty at Hobby Lobby in the Christmas display!  Here in Florida we're all fainting from the heat and stores are sneaking out some Christmas things already.  It was a plain cardboard holder of tiny boxes and was meant to be used for an Advent calendar.  But I wanted a place I could store all  my little tiny things which are so easily lost among the wild dust bunnies which often live at my house.  So I got out my stash of paper and cardstock scraps and voila!  My motto is nothing will ever be wasted.

Then the real fun began as I gathered tiny bits and bobs from various places in my studio and chose a box to place them in.  And I have many more to go!

Have you ever seen Gillian Anderson in
 Bleak House?  Gillian is far too young and beautiful for the role of Miss Havisham, who was jilted at the altar many years ago and has worn her wedding gown every day since. The dress is somewhat the worse for wear so I tried to convey an air of despair and decay with tea dye and distress ink.  

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Thursday, July 9, 2015

My Very First WHERE BLOGGERS CREATE Party! 2015

This is my airy light-filled studio which is surrounded on two sides by deep woods.  Here I have my fabric stash, my craft tools, my collection of beautiful papers, my papier mache houses, my American Girl dolls and many things I have created over the years.

I am often joined in my creative endeavors by one or more of my three black cats who contribute a great many long black hairs to my projects.  I am sometimes joined by Murphy who tries to help me write my blog.

I painted an old cupboard white and covered the insides of the doors with a beautiful sheet of wrapping paper covered with colorful envelopes.  Inside are stored beads, inks, stamp pads, art stamps, small tools, embellishments, clay, sandpaper in different grades and paint--lots and lots of paint.

Here is where I sit to write my two blogs.  Underneath the computer screen are many, many books on sewing, crafting, collage, quilting, decorating--you name it, I've got it!

I picked up my elevated work table at a garage sale years ago for $5.  A matching chair came with it so I think I got a very good buy.
Underneath are more books (surprise!) On this table I have colored pencils and pens, markers, scissors, rulers, brushes, small tools, glue and various paper and chipboard goods.

The entire closet of my craft room is devoted to my fabric stash, wrapping paper, cardstock and stacks of scrapbook paper separated by color.  Two huge drawers under the bed hold current sewing projects and MORE fabric.  And you will see large pretty boxes all over the room filled with the kind of supplies that make an artist's heart beat faster.

Thanks for visiting my studio.  Come back anytime and you will find me
right here!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015


I couldn't stop.  The fairy who lives here must have a tiny garden as well as her tiny shabby cottage.  So out came the sheets of moss to create a lovely lawn and moss covered foam balls became beautifully clipped shrubs.  Still another topiary was created in a rusty watering can I had saved for many years.

Our imaginary fairy, who in my fertile little mind looks like a flower fairy painted by Cecily Mary Barker, would need a place to sit outside and watch the sun set and listen to the birds.  A small patio was painted blue and a huge bowl of berries and apples was set there in case our fairy should get hungry.  She would sit in the wrought iron chair at twilight.  A hook for a hanging plant was set up but unfortunately I'm still figuring out how to make one.  I do have lots of jewelry wire.... 

Glittering square tiles form a path to a lacy white wicker confection which holds flower pots, a green hose (twine) and a lovely pair of clippers from an embellishment sale last year at Hobby Lobby.  A tiny pond sits next to a gazing ball made of one drawer pull screwed into another.

A lovely china bowl makes a beautiful sink for washing clothes, dishes, fruit and vegetables or our fairy's tiny hands.  And what is that gracing the wrought iron arch leading into the garden?  Wisteria in full bloom of course!

Our fairy wishes she had a larger house and garden as there are so many other things she would like although she does spy a cherry tart on her dinner table.  Tomorrow is another day.

This week I'll be visiting link parties at Simple and Sweet Fridays at Rooted in Thyme and Shabbilicious Friday at Shabby Art Boutique.  Direct links to these sites are on my blog roll.