Wednesday, June 24, 2015


      FAIRY             HOME

This past week in Florida has been unbearably hot! Temperatures reached 100 or more almost every day.  I stayed inside since I tend to faint when it's very hot.  So no gardening, no photography in the woods, no bird watching from my porch--what should I do?  My solution was to march into my studio, iced tea in hand, and create a lovely, airy fairy cottage.

I started with an old falling apart twig structure and removed all the loose twigs.  (I saved them all for a Sleeping Beauty diorama.)  Then I began to wind berries and leaves around the twigs.  Suddenly I remembered that I had sheets of moss tucked away somewhere.  Wouldn't a fairy have a grass floor?

Well, of course she would.  And she would decorate in the same shabby cottage style that I loved.  So I unearthed a very shabby wooden cabinet from my box of unpainted wood things and painted it a pearly white. A rusty metal soap dish cried out to be a day bed with layers of batting covered with tulle and lace.

I painted a little garden table and chair my friend, Dixie, had given me in the same pearly white.  I made another topiary as well as a bird's nest in a bowl with three blue eggs.  Green leaves were used as pillows and a placemat.  More berries were added.  And the piece de resistance, a fairy bed suspended from the roof!

I desperately wanted to sleep there myself.  A lovely confection of lace, tulle, batting and fringed aqua burlap.  And a leaf pillow!

I filled the china cabinet with aqua glassware and a very tiny cherry tart on a stand and then glued some fairy sized letters and postcards to the table.

As a finishing touch I draped the little house in tulle and added moss to the roof.

But now I think Does it need a garden?

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Monday, June 8, 2015


Because of the flowers suddenly blooming everywhere, I decided to create a garden shed in a shadow box.  I took a plain wooden box from my endless supply of Wooden Things Bought on Sale at Michael's.  I painted the bottom half of the shed in shades of blue and green, then chose some scrapbook paper for the top.  I cut out two birds and printed over them with a birdcage stamp in gold.  I chose paper for the floor and ceiling and glued it to the wood.  In an Anthropologie  catalogue I found some good looking stone behind the models and cut that out and glued it to the sides of the shadowbox.  A piece of green wire became a hose hanging on a hook.  I had a large number of tiny tiles left over from another project so those were glued to the wall instead of baseboards.  And my favorite addition--a large bucolic scene I had been saving for just such a use became a window with the addition of a painted paper frame which I stippled with several colors.  How I love those ducks!

I had a wooden spool holder which broke, but naturally I saved the pieces, one of which became a drying rack for flowers and baskets after I painted it with several shades of blue.  I went through my collection of old dollhouse furniture and found a white garden table and a large white bowl which to me looked like a sink.  So I glued it to an overturned clay pot and used a bit of tubing and two beads to create the faucets.  I brought out several little pots I had purchased years ago for some forgotten project that never materialized.

Small fake berries went into a vase made out of a bead and others went up on the drying rack.  I looted my Halloween decorations for the copper bucket and filled it with tiny fake pumpkins.  Moss was glued onto the base of the sink.  Precious little things I had forgotten I had were found in nooks and crannies and placed on the walls.  A small glass jar that once held jam was pressed into service when I put a cork in it and stuck in a tiny manicured tree.  I found a small piece of fencing left over from heaven knows what and glued that on to the wall and floor.  I covered the roof with grass.

An old miniature spade was located in my endless stash of Tiny Things That May Be Used...
Someday and I painted the handle green.  And last was a tiny white shepherd's hook that was purchased recently at JoAnn's for 70% off.  I bought absolutely nothing for this project.


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