Friday, May 8, 2015


There are days when I want to escape into a world of enchantment and dreams.  Days when I want to walk down those mossy steps wondering what this place was like before leaves and flowers quietly crept in and covered those majestic walls.  What did people do here?  Or were humans never here at all?  Perhaps it was always silent and green.

 I like to imagine this moonlit forest is nearby, dark and mysterious.  And yet a full moon shines down upon the green forest floor.  And what are all those tiny lights among the trees?  Perhaps they are fireflies...or something else entirely.

     I am fond of misty forests shrouded in pale ethereal fog.  There is a path in these woods, but we cannot see where it leads; nor are we meant to.  Paths are mysterious and often don't lead where we thought we were going.  The path in my life has led me through a maze to the unexpected.  But I 
don't mind.

I have always loved the enchanted, the whimsical and the mysterious--the world of the imagination where we are set free of the ordinary, the mundane.  I often dream that I am flying by moonlight, sailing through the cool night air, completely unfettered by

All of the gorgeous photographs above are from Faerie Magazine, a periodical unlike any other, which feeds my need for beauty and enchantment.  For the benefit of other whimsical souls like myself, I have added Faerie to my blogroll.   You may visit their faerie world anytime.

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