Tuesday, May 19, 2015


Like all my black cats Molly hated the car, the cat carrier, the vet's office and sharp things stuck in her nether regions.  And yet...today she was getting a rabies shot.  A dark day indeed.

Molly the Cat
I, of course, acted as if
nothing were happening.
It was to be a day like any
other.  But Molly was a
very intuitive cat.  She 
looked into my face and
             SHE KNEW!
And away she ran.  I
groaned loudly.

                                                                           Good, she was headed
for the porch.  I could close the door, corner her
and whisk her into the cat carrier.  Then we would be on our way and I would only have to listen to fifteen minutes of piteous squeaking and plaintive meows.
I closed the door behind me and checked out the tiny porch.  Where could she go?  Then I saw a long black tail peeking out from under the quilt that covered the old wicker chair.  Ah ha!  I reached under the chair and grabbed a little furry body, opened the door with one arm and bounded into the living room.  Victory!  Then I looked into her face and saw that I had grabbed Murphy who was looking confused.  Why had I awakened him from his nap? I put him down and looked for Molly who was under the table staring at me balefully. 

I gave chase again but Molly continued to elude me.  At last when she had hidden herself so completely that I couldn't find her, I admitted defeat and called the vet's office to explain what had happened to the sweet little girl  in Reception.

"I can't find her anywhere!  Where could she be?  And besides," I said pettishly, "why does she even need a rabies shot when she never goes outside?" 

There was a long silence.

"Well, we really recommend them because rabies is, you know, fatal."

"But they're indoor cats.  They don't want to go out."

"Well, you don't have to give her the shot.  We just....
recommend it...."  Her voice trailed off.

I had always assumed it was a mortal sin not to give your pets rabies shots even if they never went out!  I would have to go to Confession!  Did the Catholic Church still have Confession?  Would they mind that I was Episcopalian now?  Of course they would!  I gulped and said I would pass on the rabies shot.

"Did you want to cancel the appointment then?"

"Uh, yes."  I hung up exhausted and in a state of sin.
Where was that silly Molly anyway?

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