Thursday, May 21, 2015

I APPLIQUE TEA TOWELS ( try to control your excitement)

 First of all, let me say this is not my idea.  Kerryanne, my wonderfully creative friend at Shabby Art Boutique (see my blog roll to the right) came up with the ideas for these two tea towels and I did my own artistic interpretation (I added a bunch of stuff.)  I started out with two plain white linen tea towels given to me by my friend Terry.  I then went to my huge stash of fabric (which is roughly the size of Godzilla) and started picking out colors.  Not surprisingly, I picked shades of my two favorite colors--aqua and pink.

I used Lite Steam-A-Seam2, a wonderful invention that makes the art of applique so much easier.  I traced a version of Kerryanne's cup design in reverse onto the paper liner, then removed the other paper liner.  I stuck the sticky side to the wrong side of the fabric and cut out the design.  I then peeled off the paper leaving the sticky web on the fabric.  I arranged the design on the towel and pressed for 20 seconds with a hot iron.  Voila! 

Giddy with success I then traced a big spoon and a whisk and followed the same process.  I outlined everything with decorative stitching which is always fun to do.

For the houses on the second tea towels I just cut out lots of squares and rectangles and triangles in colors that went well together and stitched them on using various decorative stitches.  The trees are just circles of fabric with leaves and birds with trunks made out of seam binding.  I hung them in the kitchen where I am quickly running out of space.

I may still add another applique in that empty space on the bottom towel.  Salt and pepper shakers perhaps?  I shall wait for inspiration to strike me.

And I want to show you one more thing.  Kerryanne gave her readers some free printables of gorgeous butterflies.  I printed them on fabric, cut them out and used them as appliques on sofa pillows.  They look beautiful as the picture below illustrates.

Thank you, Kerryanne!  While I do have the occasional original idea, I love visiting the Shabby Art Boutique and watching Kerryanne's tutorials.  Visit her and you'll see.  Naturally, all of Kerryanne's original ideas and creations are protected by copyright so you may not use them for anything you plan to sell.
I'm visiting Shabbilicious Friday this week, one of my fave link parties.  They feature some great stuff.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015


Like all my black cats Molly hated the car, the cat carrier, the vet's office and sharp things stuck in her nether regions.  And she was getting a rabies shot.  A dark day indeed.

Molly the Cat
I, of course, acted as if
nothing were happening.
It was to be a day like any
other.  But Molly was a
very intuitive cat.  She 
looked into my face and
             SHE KNEW!
And away she ran.  I
groaned loudly.

                                                                           Good, she was headed
for the porch.  I could close the door, corner her
and whisk her into the cat carrier.  Then we would be on our way and I would only have to listen to fifteen minutes of piteous squeaking and plaintive meows.
I closed the door behind me and checked out the tiny porch.  Where could she go?  Then I saw a long black tail peeking out from under the quilt that covered the old wicker chair.  Ah ha!  I reached under the chair and grabbed a little furry body, opened the door with one arm and bounded into the living room.  Victory!  Then I looked into her face and saw that I had grabbed Murphy who was looking confused.  Why had I awakened him from his nap? I put him down and looked for Molly who was under the table staring at me balefully. 

I gave chase again but Molly continued to elude me.  At last when she had hidden herself so completely that I couldn't find her, I admitted defeat and called the vet's office to explain what had happened to the sweet little girl  in Reception.

"I can't find her anywhere!  Where could she be?  And besides," I said pettishly, "why does she even need a rabies shot when she never goes outside?" 

There was a long silence.

"Well, we really recommend them because rabies is, you know, fatal."

"But they're indoor cats.  They don't want to go out."

"Well, you don't have to give her the shot.  We just....
recommend it...."  Her voice trailed off.

I had always assumed it was a mortal sin not to give your pets rabies shots even if they never went out!  I would have to go to Confession!  Did the Catholic Church still have Confession?  Would they mind that I was Episcopalian now?  Of course they would!  I gulped and said I would pass on the rabies shot.

"Did you want to cancel the appointment then?"

"Uh, yes."  I hung up exhausted and in a state of sin.
Where was that silly Molly anyway?

Friday, May 8, 2015


There are days when I want to escape into a world of enchantment and dreams.  Days when I want to walk down those mossy steps wondering what this place was like before leaves and flowers quietly crept in and covered those majestic walls.  What did people do here?  Or were humans never here at all?  Perhaps it was always silent and green.

 I like to imagine this moonlit forest is nearby, dark and mysterious.  And yet a full moon shines down upon the green forest floor.  And what are all those tiny lights among the trees?  Perhaps they are fireflies...or something else entirely.

     I am fond of misty forests shrouded in pale ethereal fog.  There is a path in these woods, but we cannot see where it leads; nor are we meant to.  Paths are mysterious and often don't lead where we thought we were going.  The path in my life has led me through a maze to the unexpected.  But I 
don't mind.

I have always loved the enchanted, the whimsical and the mysterious--the world of the imagination where we are set free of the ordinary, the mundane.  I often dream that I am flying by moonlight, sailing through the cool night air, completely unfettered by

All of the gorgeous photographs above are from Faerie Magazine, a periodical unlike any other, which feeds my need for beauty and enchantment.  For the benefit of other whimsical souls like myself, I have added Faerie to my blogroll.   You may visit their faerie world anytime.

Friday, May 1, 2015


Florida has an achingly beautiful Spring that suddenly arrives bringing fresh green growth and cool breezes.  For a short time the air is sweet with the faint fragrance of new shoots bursting through the soil almost overnight and the gray cold of Winter is vanquished. warned--this cool delight won't last.  Just as you sink gratefully into the cool arms of Spring, it is suddenly gone to be replaced by a burning sun and the damp, heavy air of tropical Summer.

Let's take a breezy walk at twilight and enjoy Spring before it leaves us wanting more.
The woods are thick and dark where the setting sun doesn't penetrate.  Mysterious paths meander through the undergrowth. Leaves rustle         as a small bird takes flight. 

I feel happy cherished by Nature, energized, creative and the need to rush melts away.  This must be freedom.  The prison of modern life is self-imposed so why do I so seldom break out?  I imagine that I am seeking peace; yet so often it eludes me.

"Have I measured out my life with coffee spoons?"

Perhaps it's not too late to change.

'And indeed there will be time to wonder,
"Do I dare?"

Of course I will dare.
What have I to lose at this late date?  In the soft light of evening everything seems so

Up ahead I can see the lake with its gentle reflections of the trees.  A slender orange fish glides along.  He is in no hurry; he has nowhere in particular to go.  I wonder how the water feels to the fish--I am after all a

"I have heard the mermaids singing, each to each.
I do not think that they will sing to me."*

Quietly, I decide that the mermaids will indeed sing to me.

* The quoted lines are from a poem by T. S. Eliot called The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock.