Thursday, April 9, 2015


When I moved into my condo,I was determined to make it look like a shabby chic cottage.  The kitchen was dark and dreary with unfinished wood cabinets.  And there were NO windows!  Knowing that I had no money to spend, I used the creamy white paint I had used for all the baseboards to transform the cabinets to light and bright.  But they needed more.

I copied several old botanical prints and mounted them on scrapbook papers.  I cut out butterflies and birds from an old calendar and glued them on.  I was now on a hot streak so I cut out flowers from wrapping paper to add a little rose pink to the mix. 

I wanted to advance the garden theme so I bought dark green drawer pulls that looked like faucets on sale at Hobby Lobby, but this was my only purchase.

Then I stamped leaves on the cabinets, but they seemed too intense so using a stencil brush with a tiny amount of the white paint, I lightly tapped each leaf until they had a pale, ethereal look.

Then in a final burst of creativity (or lunacy) I copied rose leaves several times, cut them out and applied them individually to the tops of the cabinets with Mod Podge.

As I proudly surveyed my handiwork, an unbidden thought popped into my mind.
Were they perhaps too busy?

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