Tuesday, April 7, 2015


It had been a sad day at work and the traffic was brutal.  Construction on I95 had been going on for ages and the lanes seemed to change daily.  No one knew exactly where they were going.  Traffic was completely stopped on the opposite lanes where an accident had occurred.  People had that stunned trapped look as they stood by their damaged vehicles. Police cars and an ambulance surrounded them.  It had rained on and off for days and I wanted desperately to see the sun.  Was there any food for dinner?  I longed for iced tea.

I needed silence and
peace.  I needed the
comfort of nature.  I
needed the solitude of my tiny spring garden.
When I arrived home, I fed my cats and poured myself a giant glass of iced tea with lemon.

I sat down on the falling apart bentwood rocker someone with no imagination had thrown away and inhaled my iced tea.  Bird song and the clinking of ice in my glass were the only sounds.

My plants were sending up shoots of green after the winter freeze.  I had planted flower seeds in pots and tiny leaves were emerging from the soil. Soon there would be color and scent.

I looked through the screen into the porch and saw Molly's solemn heart-shaped face staring at me.  Murphy was sitting on the floor peering at a squirrel.  A cardinal was perched on the edge of the birdbath.  Should he take a drink or not?  The sun broke through the gray clouds and the wet leaves shimmered in the light.  As I sat and waited for twilight, I realized that everything around me was a prayer.

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