Sunday, March 1, 2015


This is what my guest bath looks like today.

It looks so lovely I'm almost afraid to use it.

But.....only a few days ago the bathroom looked like this.  Remember?

A scene like this is enough to make one's hair turn white ...
overnight.  (Oh, wait, my hair is already white.  Preference is my friend.)I searched for things that were pink, peach or coral.

And what could I do about that long empty space on the wall?  I needed something long but narrow, preferably a bit shabby. Voila!

Naturally, this was easier said than done.  I dashed into my studio and liberated the above wicker thing which is long, narrow and shabby. I have had it for years and have never known what it is actually for but it comes in handy for multiple purposes.  I quickly filled it with lovely things in the chosen colors.  It took days to find places for all the books and pretty storage boxes that previously lived in my chippy narrow thing, but all was soon done.

I brought in a couple of my collages and tore off February from my lovely calendar to pin on the wall.  I want to bring in a bit more artwork, but other than that I am 
I am linking this post to Shabbilicious Fridays at     Check it out as they have some great links to other beautiful blogs including my favorite blog: Shabby Story.



  1. The bathroom is the one room I haven't done anything with yet. It should be pretty too!

    Thank you for your kind comment over at my little blog. I am not a photographer by any means... I just point and shoot.

    My blog banner is a photo I took several years ago and modified with an artistic filter in GIMP to look like it was on canvas. GIMP is a free graphics editor that people can use to modify photographs. There are others available free as well. I just started playing with it and it helps my photos look better.

    Happy March!

    1. Thank you, Lin, for commenting on my bathroom and telling me about GIMP. I do not understand one thing the tutorial that blurs the image said, but I will give it a try when I have more time. You ARE a natural born photographer; one has to be born with an "eye." I can't seem to shrink my photo enough to get on the party link, but I'll keep trying. It is exciting to learn so many interesting new things. Blogging has been a revelation for me!