Thursday, March 19, 2015


My close friend, Terry, was moving into a smaller home and could no longer find a place for her lovely desk of gleaming wood.  I already had a desk, but after a few days of studying the new desk from all sides, I had an inspiration.  I would create a sewing center!

The desk had fascinating nooks and crannies, all of which I soon filled with thread, buttons and trims.

I took a lovely flowered box that came with stationary (long gone) and filled it with unusual buttons and pretty sewing tools.

I picked up the large box with cubbyholes at Home Goods (a store I adore) and filled it with spools of gorgeous transparent ribbon, little painted boxes of lace snippets and pieces of ribbon and trim.

I cannot take credit for the darling quilted piece featuring cats--that is the work of my close friend, Barbara.  The tiny quilt features cat sayings and my favorite is:

Always give generously--a small bird or rodent left on the bed tells them, "I care."

Voila! My new sewing center takes a bow.


  1. so pretty, linda! (i love home goods, too:)

  2. Thanks, Lynn! Home Goods has some really good stuff in the spring. Birdcages, cubbyholes, interesting things you can put birds or flowers inside, unusual planters. Sometimes a thing looks ugly until I get it home and paint it white. You continue to inspire me!