Saturday, February 28, 2015


I had a sudden mad urge to completely redo my guest bathroom.  As always, my decorating had to be on the cheap. My usual muted palette was thrown out the window.  I wanted pink, raspberry, cinnamon and coral. The room had been pale green and would now be Iced Peach.

The cabinets were ugly and unfinished.  Out came a tiny sample of paler peach paint and sheets of floral scrapbook paper.

I bought new towels in coral and cinnamon and a raspberry bathmat (on sale naturally.)  I covered the switchplates with paper and brought in my collages featuring my chosen colors.

And here it is!

The picture is simply Free Artist's Paper from one of the Stampington magazines.

The sheets of scrapbook paper (JoAnn's) were simply cut to fit and glued on with Mod Podge.

The tiles were bought on a vacation in Tempe, Arizona for $1 apiece. (I KNEW they would come in handy some day.)  The shadowbox is my interpretation of Sleeping Beauty and the brambles (no handsome prince I'm afraid.)

The flower fairies by Cecily Mary Barker were cut out of a magazine and the frames were bought on sale at Michael's.


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