Sunday, February 1, 2015


My Studio

Ever since I retired I have become wildly creative; I want to make things all the time.  I have tried collage, mixed media, art quilts, shadowboxes, assemblage, handmade books, making tiles, paper making and painting and decorating boxes.  But my favorite craft is making collages.  What fun!

All the Doors of the World Are Opening For Me

This is one of the first collages I ever made and I love the spirit of it--the unbridled optimism, the joy, the freedom.  A very literal friend wondered why the flowers were so large.  I hardly knew what to say.  "It's not realism," I murmured.

Horace and Amy are cats who behave like people.  Like me, they love nature and a pastoral life.  They live in a quieter, simpler time.  When I create their lives on paper, I feel calm and peaceful.  After this collage was finished, I took a walk in my own woods listening to the birds and wishing I could fly with them just for a little while and then I would come home.


  1. your collages are enchanting with a bit of whimsy thrown in:) not all eyes have the ability to see beyond the ordinary. keep following your heart and doing what you love! adorable craftroom!

    1. Thanks, Lynn, for your understanding and encouragement. Not very many "get" my quirky style, but for a creative artist of your talents to make favorable comments about my collages--well, that has made my year!